The Different Events, Food and People That Are Known to Be From Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio is located in the southern part of the state and is located right on the Ohio River with several bridges connecting the city to other parts of Ohio and Kentucky according to a well known DUI lawyer. There are certain things that this city is known for and will be discussed in this article. It is known for having the oldest running race in the nation with the annual Thanksgiving Day Race. It also has one of the hardest marathons with the best name, The Flying Pig marathon that is only 10 years old but becoming well known to distance runners from all over. Other things Cincinnati is known for are Cincinnati style chili, Proctor and Gamble, Oktoberfest, and some famous singers that once came from here says several prominent DUI lawyers.

Other than the Bengals and The Reds, Cincinnati is a popular city to live in for runners. Despite, the poor weather with heat and humidity in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter, Cincinnatians love to run. This began in 1909 with the very first road race on Thanksgiving Day. It is the oldest and longest running road race in the country just celebrating its 100th anniversary this past fall. For runners that want to go farther and also enjoy a fun theme, the Flying Pig Marathon takes place in Cincinnati too. It is one of the hilliest marathon courses in the country and offers great Pig themed goods for all participants and is held the first weekend in May.

There is a couple of food items that are Cincinnati based. The largest one is Cincinnati style chili which is a chili that is made with some seasonings such as cinnamon and chocolate in some giving it a unique flavor. It is served over spaghetti making it a specialty of this area. You can get this at Skyline Chili, Gold Star Chili and Camp Washington Chili. Other famous specialties are Mongomery Inn ribs and goetta which comes from the strong German influence in Cincinnati.

One of the biggest events in downtown Cincinnati every year is Oktoberfest. This special event is actually the largest Oktoberfest in the country and is only 2nd in size to the one in Munich, Germany. This is a weekend long affair with food, a lot of beer and music and is attended by people locally as well as those that travel quite a distance to attend it. As mentioned earlier, the German heritage in Cincinnati is quite large and there are many proud generations of German Americans that call Cincinnati home. The Cincinnati Flower show also claims to be the largest horticultural show in the United States and takes place in May.

Several people that are famous musicians hailed from Cincinnati and some continue to live in the Queen City. The Isley Brothers, James Brown, Peter Frampton and Bootsy Collins are all from the city as well as more recent singers like Nick Lachey and the boy band 98 Degrees were also from there.