Planning A Golf Tournament Fundraiser – Miniature Golf Fun

Ideas for fundraising are difficult to figure out. You need to have a good supply of creative juices so that you can come up with something that both unique and amusing. Your fundraiser program needs to have these two characteristics in order for it to be able to work out well. In this article, we will be looking at a really good fundraiser idea that you can try setting up for yourself. The fundraiser idea that I’m talking about here is a Golf Ball Drop Raffle. This is also referred to as Golf Balls From Above or Golf Balls From Heaven.

A Golf Ball Drop Raffle belongs to ideas for fundraising golf tournaments fundraising events. This fundraiser idea is really straightforward in the sense that you’re going to sell out numbered raffle chances. The winner is the one who’s closest to the target’s center after golf balls with numbers on them are dropped. You can drop the numbered golf balls in different ways. A really good and interesting way to do this would be through the use of a tethered hot air balloon that’s hung over a large bull’s eye target that’s painted over a field. On the other hand, you can also drop the numbered golf balls using a helicopter as it flies over the target. Doing this alone will stir up a lot of interest from people in your area and this will allow you to gather a lot of participants.

Let’s move on to the specifics of this fundraiser event. Even though selling raffle chances is going to be the main source of your funds in this type of gig, you can also produce some really good money by turning your event into a large fun party. You can bring in some live music; serve delicious foods and drinks; offer donated items through silent auction bids; and do a live auction different awesome items such a vacation tickets; spa packages; and other interesting prizes. By adding these extras in your fundraiser event, you can upsize it effectively. As an end result, you’ll be able to generate more funds for your group in the end.

If you want to, you can also host this fundraiser event along with a golf tournament or a charity event. This is a really easy way for you to add in tens of thousands of dollars to any type of fundraising program. The only difficult parts of this fundraiser idea is looking for a good place where you can drop your balls and gathering different cool prizes that will make people more than eager to participate or take part in what you have prepared. Let’s proceed to the specifics of your raffle. A good way to structure this raffle fundraiser is by having it in blocks of 1,000 chances. Each of the numbered tickets will match a numbered ball, which will be included during the drop. If you want to come up with something a lot bigger, you can sell out 10,000 raffle tickets for your raffle fundraiser. Remember; advertise your event as much as you can.