Pierre Ingram graduated from Stockbridge High School in 2002


Pierre Ingram graduated from Stockbridge High School in 2002. Raised in Stockbridge, Georgia, Ingram went to Middle Tennessee State University where he graduated in 2006. As a five-year member of the football team, Ingram earned the Blue Raider Award and received the distinction of being named as Most Dependable.

While attending Middle Tennessee State University, Ingram lettered in football for four straight years as a wide receiver. He graduated from the school with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. He then moved on to SUNY Cortland University in Cortland, New York, where he enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Sports Management.

In 2007, Pierre Ingram was hired as part of the coaching staff at Cortland University in Cortland, New York. He began working as a running backs coach, but also played a role as a recruiter. Over the years, he was included in Rivals.com Top 10 Pac-12 Recruiters for 2014. He has also been named as Recruiter of the Year by ESPN as well as Final 4 Running Back Coach of the Year. His years at Cortland set the tone for his future and gave him the experience he needed to be considered one of the best running back coaches during that time.

Ingram served as the head coach for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs from 2010 to 2012. While coaching in Louisiana, the Bulldogs led the country in both scoring offenses as well as a total offense with an average of 51+ points and over 577 offensive yards per game. They were also recognized for having the lowest number of sacks and ranked 10th when it came to turnover margin. While scoring over 40 points in 11 out of 12 games, the Bulldogs scored more than 50 points on eight different occasions.

Pierre Ingram also worked as the running backs coach for the California Golden Bears from 2013 to 2014. He also was the coach for their passing game as well as the wide receivers. Now, Ingram works as the offensive coordinator for the Fujitsu Frontiers in Yokohama, Japan. He began working with the Frontiers in 2015 as the assistant head coach. He continues to help the team advance in almost every area, including winning the JBX Championships in 2018.

Since he began coaching, Ingram has had the opportunity to coach 15 NFL players. He has also been able to coach at least two All-American players and eight players who went on to be All-Conference players. His years as a running back coach have been quite eventful, with many of his players going on to be award-winning athletes.

In his personal life, Ingram is now a father of three children. He spends as much quality time with his family as possible, much of it being spent outdoors. He enjoys cooking and spends time as a grill master when his family entertains friends at their home.