Miracle Fruit – Adds Zing to the Sourest of Foods

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Growing miracle fruit is not an all-around difficult task. It is actually quite easy with the right climate. To start growing miracle fruit, though, it is important to know a bit about the plant itself.

The miracle berry (aka miracle fruit) was originally found in Tropical West Africa. These plants are known to grow in warm areas, as they tend to slow in growth when grown in areas that are colder in climate. These plants have hairy leaves and bear the red fruit called miracle berry. It was later introduced to Florida, then reached other countries as well. These berries are rather tasteless, but sometimes have a sweet tangy flavor. It was originally used by the Natives of Africa to temporarily inhibit the taste of bitter and sour foods like lemon and lime. They usually take it before their meals as an artificial sweetener.

When growing miracle fruit, what are some things that should be done to successfully cultivate them?

Here are a few things to keep in mind: This plant is a a course in miracles slow growing bush that, when cultivated, reaches up to 10 to 15ft. in height. So keep in mind that a relatively wide space is needed to grow them; the miracle berry plant grows rapidly in warm climates and can even be kept as an indoor plant. But remember to provide a bright light like in a well lit window. If the only option is to place it outdoors, make sure that it is not placed in a shaded spot.

When growing miracle berry, the plants need acidic soil and this can be done by using equal parts of Canadian peat and pine bark or a mixture of peat and perlite. Be sure to use soil that is well draining, as miracle fruit plants prefer humid conditions and deteriorate if placed in a wet area during the cold seasons like winter.

Use a plastic bag supported by wood or wire placed around the plant to help maintain the humidity and make growing miracle fruit much easier. Water soluble acidic fertilizers may also be used, especially during the summer months when plants tend to dry fast. Use sparingly during the wet season though.

Seeding or cutting is the way to propagate the miracle fruit plant. Seeds tend to deteriorate fast, so it is important to plant it immediately just below the soil line. Seeds can also be dried, but should be planted within the next two weeks or they will no longer be viable. It is important to keep the plants from being infested by any bugs or spider mites as these pests tend to clog the soil making it wet and the roots will rot.

This plant makes an easy house plant by following these steps on its cultivation. Therefore, a high success rate is possible for growing miracle berry. The miracle berry is produced throughout the year and a single plant can put together hundreds of berries that can be harvested.