How To Build A Niche Store Your First Website To Make Money

This little article is about a new piece of software that I just found that allows you to create a niche affiliate website that makes money in a matter of minutes. It’s called Build A Niche Store and the affiliate website that it allows you to create is a searchable, browsable store that is made up of eBays products.
It is very smart and also easy to use, as you will see in its demo. With the click of a button, it lets you do the three things you need to do to create an income-generating website:

1. Pick a niche to target:

Build Niche Store gives you the ability to choose from 28,926 different niche markets that you make money online can target with your own affiliate website. If you want to create a golf website, choose golf, an antique website, then choose antiques.

2. Create a website that has content that gives you a presence in your target market:

When making your choice, simply hit build and Build A Niche Store will automatically create your affiliate website for you. This website will be comprised of eBays products for your chosen niche and will automatically be placed in one of the 32 standard templates that come with the package. Each page of your store will target different keywords in search engines and provide you with targeted traffic.

3. Convert the traffic your website attracts into money –

Once your website starts attracting visitors, it will automatically funnel these visitors to the products they are interested in on eBay, who will then pay you affiliate commissions for the purchases they make.