Christ in You the Hope of Glory!

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The time is upon us to hear the Word of Christ once again in the New Testament of the Golden Age of the Christ Consciousness. The Holy Spirit of God the Father in Heaven has spoken through His son, Jesus Christ, in a sermon in 2008 through an anointed spiritual channel to deliver His new message for this Golden Age of the Christ Consciousness.

Jesus was sent to Earth by God the Father in Heaven to awaken the people on Earth to the reality as Jesus states in the Bible and to the Pharisees of the time: “Ye are all Gods” and “Do not think it robbery to compare yourself equal with God”.

The essence of Jesus message is simple: I am not the exception, you are all Sons of God and you are all exceptional. You are all Gods, in that you are all part of God and God is you. To deny this, is to deny God, is to deny your oneness with God, which is your Christ Mind, your right mind, your state of consciousness that causes you to acknowledge as I did, I and my Father are one. As it states in the Bible, “Let this Mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus”. This is the Christ Mind.

The Christ Mind is the true Son of God. And as Jesus the christ accepted his Christ Consciousness, his oneness with God, he became the Christ, a Christed Being, a Living Christ for us all to follow. Jesus is the forerunner for souls to attain this Christed state. Only when you come “into oneness” with the Christ Mind, the Son of God, can you then begin the path of coming into oneness with God the Father in Heaven.

It is not blasphemy for you to consider yourself a Son of God, for you are His child, and you always remain a part of him. This is your inheritance and you only need take it. However, you much change your mind, your state of consciousness and “come into oneness” with ALL of your earthly brothers and sisters before you can attain the Christ Consciousness, and then eventually God Consciousness.

The reason for this is simple and there are no exceptions. The Sonship, or the Christ Mind, is the Universal Christ Consciousness that is only complete when all of God’s children have accepted their oneness with each other. You can only do this if you look past the illusionary imperfections in each other, and see that these are not real. These imperfections have occurred in a bad dream. As it states in the Bible after Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of judgment, the knowledge of Good versus Evil, “Adam fell into a deep sleep”. And he had a bad dream while asleep, that he was not a Son of God, that he was separated from God, and that he was judging other parts of God as Good and Evil, principally he was seeing them NOT as Sons of God, but as enemies, as evil, as wicked. He was belittling Sons of God in his very own mind, and in so doing, was belittling himself.